Tough Sensors for an Insensitive Planet

The Pioneer in Intelligent,
Integrated Remote Intrusion

The OmniSense® system is an advanced remote intrusion sensor system.

It is the first surveillance product to integrate sensors and imagers; the first to fuse multiple sensor data; the first to provide a complete networked system.

OmniSense® can be used to monitor activities in any remote area and report relevant information automatically back to the user. Typical uses include border monitoring (OmniSense® becomes an invisible electronic fence that detects unauthorized border activity), battlefield situation awareness, facility monitoring, and remote area activity surveillance. This innovative system detects vehicles, people moving along roads or pathways, aircraft flying in an area, and motorized boats on rivers or lakes.

OmniSense® detects targets autonomously, images targets with IR or visual cameras and sends alerts to users over long haul network communication links. All activity is automatically detected so operators are not required to monitor the equipment 24 hours a day. When activities of interest occur, an automatic alarm is sent from the remote area to the user. OmniSense® has been designed with a common integrated data format (CDIF) that allows easy integration with other systems.

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OmniSense® Highlights
  • Sends alarms and data via communications link to an operator display
  • Rugged and reliable, designed for long life
  • Battery operated with low power consumption
  • Easily programmed in the field or over communications link once deployed
  • Map based situation awareness display
  • Uses "open" standard network and internet protocols

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