Press Releases

McQ inc. video compression module product provides solutions for streaming live video over IP networks

May 5, 2022
McQ Inc.’s vWatch® Video Compression Module provides a capability to set up a live video application through IP networks.

McQ Inc. Provides Immediate Video, Voice and Data to Anywhere in the World

April 25, 2022
The McQ CONNECT®, an Iridium® satellite enabled modem, provides a small battery powered unit that can be easily deployed anywhere in the world

McQ Inc. Announces a New Globally Linked Iridium® Satellite Information Networking Product, McQ CONNECT™

December 10, 2021
McQ Inc. is launching a new, truly global information networking product, McQ CONNECT, which will operate using the Iridium Certus® service. The McQ CONNECT is a small satcom modem that can send and receive information in real-time over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

McQ Inc. Selected by AFWERX to Provide a Global Satellite Base Defense Solution to the Air Force

September 1, 2021
McQ Inc. celebrates 35 years of pushing sensor technology to support National Security

McQ Set Sail Delivering SonoWatch™ Maritime Acoustic Situation Awareness System

July 21, 2021
McQ Inc has developed SonoWatch™ which provides autonomous collision avoidance for unmanned surface vessels (USVs) and manned watercraft.

Iridium Announces Operation Arctic Lynx

June 10, 2021
McQ participates with McQ CONNECT™

McQ Inc delivers McQ RANGER®, the first state of the art surveillance sensor with satellite and terrestrial communications

April 22, 2021
McQ has developed McQ RANGER, a low cost, very small, technologically advanced surveillance sensor to accurately detect and classify personnel, vehicles and aircraft at extended ranges.

McQ Inc announces a new globally linked Iridium satellite information networking product, McQ CONNECT™

March 30, 2021
McQ CONNECT™ Small Data Modem Globally Links Your Data Applications

Iridium Certus (SM) Distribution Expands; Enables Globally ‘Connected Vehicles’, Assets and Teams

March 13, 2018
Iridium names McQ as a world-class service provider.

McQ Awarded Multiple Commercial and Defense Contracts.

November 7, 2014
McQ Inc. has been awarded multiple contracts relating to their nationally recognized sensor technology.

McQ Partners with Iridium Satellite Communications and Verizon Wireless.

November 7, 2014
McQ Inc., a sensor system company, has entered a partnership with Iridium Satellite Communications Network developing applications for Commercial and Government customers.




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