McQ OWL® Intelligent Camera offers a comprehensive video surveillance solution for remote locations. It is easy to set up and is fully autonomous; detecting targets, capturing images and video, and sending data back to operators. The compact physical size means McQ OWL can be deployed by one person and easily camouflaged for rugged outdoor applications. Nothing gets past McQ OWL.

Features & Benefits of the McQ OWL®:

  • The McQ OWL Intelligent Camera captures live video of targets from remote locations. It combines innovative technology to eliminate false alarms, simplify user installation, operate autonomously, and provide users with data from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
  • McQ OWL’s integrated micro radar detects targets up to 50 meters away, and sophisticated algorithms eliminate nusiance alarms. Compared with older passive infrared (PIR) detectors, McQ OWL provides a 10x improvement in range while virtually eliminating false alarms. Users no longer need to review thousands of pictures to find real activity; McQ OWL only sends target pictures.
  • Once triggered by confirmed target activity, McQ OWL captures live video and still images of targets with its high definition optical camera. The camera and non-visible illuminators are optimized for long range performance. They provide high quality images at ranges up to 50 meters in daylight and at night.
  • McQ OWL offers a variety of communcations options. Cellular (4G/LTE World Band), WIFI (2.4GHz), and Terrestrial (900MHz) modems are built into the product. An Ethernet interface allows for integration with customer provided networks. McQ offers optional packages for Iridium Satellite and Advanced Terrestrial Mesh Networks. No matter where you want to operate, there is a communication option ready for your mission.

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