tNet Repeater

McQ Repeater is a terrestrial RF wireless network designed specifically for unattended ground sensor applications. This network relays the sensor information over terrain that precludes an RF line of sight path from the sensor to the user. Repeater is a self-forming RF network that makes it easy for the user to quickly set up in the field. Repeater is designed to maintain very low power consumption of the battery powered sensors and repeaters.

Features & Benefits of the tNet Repeater:

  • Sensor Information Relay Easily Set Up in the Field
  • Self Forming Network
  • Automatic Recognition and Reporting of “Neighbor” Sensor or Repeater Units
  • Guaranteed Delivery of Messages
  • Low Power Consumption with Solar Recharging Options
  • Long RF Link Distances with Multiple Repeater Architecture
  • Very Fast Delivery of Target Alarms and Images
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Network Connectivity
  • Outdoor Rugged Environment and Rack Mount Units
  • Cell LTE Modem or Satellite

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