McQ CONNECT® provides users with global satellite data and voice connectivity on Iridium’s next-generation network. It is lightweight, rugged, and fully waterproof, making McQ CONNECT an ideal solution for IP connectivity on the move and in remote operating environments. McQ CONNECT can be hand carried, operated from remote fixed sites, or installed discreetly on robotic and manned vehicles. Iridium Certus 100 IP Data (22kbps Uplink / 88kbps Downlink) is suitable for email, chat, encrypted file transfer, compressed audio/video streaming, sensor data and telemetry.

Features & Benefits of the McQ CONNECT®:

  • McQ CONNECT delivers Iridium Certus 100 IP Data in an extremely rugged and small package. Both the terminal device and antenna are fully IP67, and they are small enough to fit in one hand. They can be set up and fully operational in a few minutes and require no antenna alignment, no tools, and very little operator training. McQ CONNECT provides a simple TCP/IP connection for data and operates at 22kbps uplink and 88 kbps downlink. McQ CONNECT operates over a wide input DC voltage, and it can be powered from batteries, vehicle DC systems, AC power, and solar charged systems. Iridium Certus is available worldwide (including pole to pole), enabling McQ CONNECT to provide IP data service from a tent, a backpack, a vehicle, or an autonomous platform anywhere on Earth. Iridium Certus data is suitable for email, chat, encrypted file transfer, compressed streaming video and audio, distribution of ISR data and other machine to machine data connections such as ATAK (TAK Server), JSON, Cursor on Target. Iridium Voice calling is also available through a small headset jack on the terminal. McQ CONNECT is certified by Iridium for Land Mobile, Maritime and Aviation applications.
  • Iridium Certus is the only fully global data and voice network. Satellite and ground station redundancy offer exceptional network availability to five nines due to its unique LEO architecture with 66 interconnected satellites (9 in-orbit spares and 6 ground spares) and gateways. Iridium Certus offers shorter transmission paths, stronger signals, lower latency and shorter registration time than GEO satellites. Iridium Certus® 22/88 enables midband voice and data services, including remote communications, personnel tracking, and over-the-horizon, beyond line-of-sight, and on-the-move communications.

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