vWatch® provides a capability to set up a live video application through IP networks. The vWatch Video Module compresses video to fit within a given network link, provides for the video distribution over the network, and the video quality provided to the user. The user can adjust the image settings, and consequently the data rate, to match both the link throughput and the data rate plan without stopping and starting the video feed. Importantly, the Video Module enables live quality video even at very low data rates over wifi, cellular or satellite. McQ offers both a hardware or a software option in order to use the software on any camera system. vWatch makes it easy to deploy and remotely control the video operation.

Features & Benefits of the vWatch®:

  • Provides Live Compressed Video to Multiple Distributed Users
  • Good Quality Video using Compression over Low Data Rate Links
  • Compression Rates can be Changed On the Fly without video interruption
  • Operates on Internet Protocol (IP) networks including Satellite, Cellular, or IP Radio Modems
  • McQ vWatch Module provides a Web Page for Module Set Up
  • McQ Server Software runs on Windows Laptops or Servers with IP Internet Connection and provides distribution to multiple endpoints for any video stream.
  • McQ User Interface displays Video and provides Operator System Control of Frame Rate, Pixel Resolution, and Camera Pan, Tilt, Zoom
  • Frame Rate and Pixel Resolution are Adjustable for Best Data Rate

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