Tough Sensors for an Insensitive Planet

The next scouting legend

McQ has developed an exciting new remote sensor called iScout®. This product is uniquely designed for low cost, small size, and simple wireless networking using a point to point radio while retaining advanced detection performance. iScout® is also easy to use. It is about the size of a deck of playing cards which makes it simple to deploy and conceal. The user simply has to turn the sensor on and it begins operations. iScout® is the first production surveillance sensor to incorporate all these features into a single unit.
iScout Diagram

This breakthrough product builds on McQ's technology leadership in military and homeland security unattended ground sensors. iScout® incorporates the best of our detection technology in a streamlined and low cost package. Like McQ's OmniSense® platform, this new sensor can be configured for seismic, acoustic, magnetic, and thermal detection. Any or all of these detection modes may be combined in the same sensor. In addition to fusion processing within the sensor, a field of iScout® sensors can work together to provide sensor fusion across the network.

McQ currently produces two models of iScout®. The first of these is intended for small unit tactical operations and is designed to detect people and vehicles in confined spaces. The second model is designed to detect and locate loud explosive events. Our battery powered, credit card sized iScout® may be customized for a variety of specific applications. Call McQ today to see how iScout® can work for your surveillance needs.

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iScout® Highlights
  • Dimensions = 3.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
  • No operator set up other than sensor emplacement
  • Battery powered with 1 week to 10 days plus operating life
  • Interfaces with handheld user display
  • Interfaces with other systems, including McQ OmniSense® and long-haul communications

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