McQ RANGER® Unattended Ground Sensor Use Case

McQ RANGER® is a low cost, very small surveillance sensor with state of the art technologies to accurately detect and classify personnel and vehicles to extended ranges with minimal false alarms. It is designed to be easily deployed by hand or by air dropping for threat detection along roads, in large remote areas, along borders, around facilities, or in wilderness areas.

McQ RANGER was developed by McQ to provide sensor performance and features needed for security monitoring. The standard McQ RANGER has terrestrial communications. Satellite linked McQ CONNECT SAT is networked through Iridium and McQ CONNECT MIL is an ITAR controlled air drop satellite linked model. The RANGER sensor can be reused through inductively charging the battery (just like a smartphone), eliminating the need to change batteries or otherwise maintain the sensor. The reduced cost is based upon a design for large quantity production to meet large remote area surveillance. The RANGER sensor has the capability to remotely monitor areas of interest and immediately alert the user when any activity is occurring. The sensor uses wireless networking connectivity with a built in modem and antenna to connect the sensor to the user. Sensor information can be distributed via Cloud based connectivity, greatly reducing the cost of communications infrastructure to connect the user. The sensor information can be integrated with surveillance information from other sources as part of the Cloud database.

The small size and weight of RANGER are ideal for emplacing a lot of sensors in remote areas. The excellent target activity detection performance of the RANGER sensor contributes to it being a good match for covering large areas. The sensor detection range and the high probability of detection make RANGER a world leader in security sensors. The sensor outperforms competitors, yet costs less. The extremely low probability of false alarm performance means weather and nuisance activity do not distract the user. RANGER uses the latest digital signal processing to discriminate seismic, magnetic, and acoustic features associated with targets. The wireless connectivity provides total mobility so sensors can go anywhere and report to users anywhere. Satcom options eliminate costly terrestrial networks. Power consumption is extremely low and inductive recharging eliminates changing batteries. Security is easier and more effective with these sensors