McQ RANGER® is a revolutionary ground surveillance sensor. It provides detection and classification of personnel, ground vehicles, boats, and aircraft. McQ RANGER uses the most advanced seismic, acoustic, and magnetic sensor processing to deliver accurate and timely surveillance information. Data from McQ RANGERs can cue cameras, radar systems, and other high fidelity monitoring devices to create a virtual fence with multiple layers of sensors and detection modes. McQ RANGER is ideal for border monitoring, VIP and critical infrastructure protection, law enforcement and military surveillance applications.

Features & Benefits of the McQ RANGER®:

  • Seismic, Acoustic, and Magnetic Sensing with Sophisticated Algorithms for Target Classification and Elimination of False Alarms
  • Detection and Classification of Human Speech, Personnel Walking, Ground Vehicles, Boats, and Aircraft
  • Available in Terrestrial Communications (900MHz Spread Spectrum) and Satellite (Iridium Short Burst Data) configurations using Iridium Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services
  • Encrypted Communications for Security (AES256)
  • GPS Receiver for Location
  • Enclosed Battery Provides 1-3 Month of Life on a Single Charge
  • Inductively Charged Battery
  • Rugged Waterproof Enclosure IP68
  • Wide Temperature Operation -25C to +65C

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