Tough Sensors for an Insensitive Planet

McQ’s customers choose McQ sensors because we offer better detection performance and significantly longer mission life.  We have teamed up Iridium because its network offers the best security, lowest latency and complete global coverage for US Government and Military users. Additionally, teaming with AGIS, who provides comprehensive, unmatched Common Operational Picture along with the ability to collaborate and command along with encryption within a single application. By teaming with Iridium and AGIS we are able to conduct a global demonstration of the new DoD mandated CJADC2 Command and Control messaging technology.

McQ is a small agile business; you will find us spearheading the art of ground sensor and satellite communications systems, providing solutions for difficult remote monitoring and surveillance applications. McQ products are not only tough enough to be used by the U.S. military, but they are also practical enough to be used for everyday surveillance needs across various industries such as gas and oil pipelines and wells, construction sites, power grids, and critical infrastructure assets.

McQ has the leading minds, resources, and engineering tools to quickly and fully develop ground sensor technology and surveillance products and successfully bring them to market for protecting assets anywhere in the world with zero infrastructure.

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Fredericksburg, VA, December 13, 2023. McQ Inc. teamed with Iridium and AGIS to conduct a global demonstration of the new DoD mandated CJADC2 Command and Control messaging technology to show that near-term adoption is available.

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FREDERICKSBURG, VA, September 28, 2023 – McQ Inc. has been awarded a Prototype Project from the U.S. Army, through the Ground Vehicle Systems (GVS) Other Transaction Agreement for Team HDT’s Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV). The project includes design, development, and delivery of HDT WOLF-X prototypes for extended government testing and evaluation. With all options exercised, the total anticipated project value is $13.7M.

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