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Unattended Ground Sensors

As a small business, you will find us spearheading the art of sensor technology, providing solutions for difficult remote monitoring and surveillance applications. McQ products are not only tough enough to be used by the U.S. military, they are also practical enough to be used for everyday surveillance needs across various industries such as gas and oil pipelines, construction sites, power grids, and critical infrastructure assets.

Whether they are used for area surveillance on a remote battlefield or for physical security on a construction site, McQ products are constantly detecting and reporting aircraft, vehicle, watercraft, or personnel activity.

Our technical expertise and decades of experience have expanded the limits of low powered networked remote sensors that provide superior signal processing and network-based communications architectures. McQ has engineered advanced sensor technology with custom solutions for a variety of government and commercial clients – achieving breakthroughs in digital imaging systems and compressing data and in acoustic, seismic, thermal, and magnetic sensor processing.

McQ has the leading minds, resources, and engineering tools to quickly and fully develop technology and surveillance products and successfully bring them to market for protecting assets anywhere in the world with zero infrastructures.

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McQ CONNECT The McQ CONNECT™ product connects user and products to distributed worldwide locations using the new Iridium Satellite Constellation. McQ is an Iridium Partner company and Value Added Manufacturer.  >

McQ OWL The McQ OWL® technology combines wireless communications, advanced image processing, automated activity detection, and IP connectivity to bring you live video on a map based Situation Awareness Display (SAD).  >

McQ RANGER The McQ RANGER® is a low cost sensor system using seismic, acoustic and magnetic to detect people, vehicles and aircraft. Small Size: 2 3/4 x 2 x 1 1/4 inches, easy to use and lasts up to 30 days on rechargable internal battery.  >

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McQ Inc has developed SonoWatch™ which provides autonomous collision avoidance for unmanned surface vessels (USVs) and manned watercraft.  >

McQ Inc delivers McQ RANGER®, the first state of the art surveillance sensor with satellite and terrestrial communications.  >

McQ Inc announces a new globally linked Iridium satellite information networking product, McQ CONNECT™  >

McQ Inc. and Iridium Certus® team up to deliver the fastest L-band speeds available for your operational theater sensor needs.  Click to Watch Video>

McQ Inc. Selected by AFWERX to Provide a Global Satellite Base Defense Solution to the Air Force.  >

New Iridium Certus transceiver for faster satellite IoT, data and high quality voice applications now in live testing.  >

AFWERX launches the Fusion Challenge, the first ever fully open innovation collaboration between the U.S. Air Force and non-military collaborators.  >

FreeWave Technologies Partners with McQ Inc. to Deliver Robust Low Power Video Streaming in Rugged Environments.  >

McQ Partners with Iridium Satellite Communications and Verizon Wireless.  >

More Events and News  >