Tough Sensors for an Insensitive Planet

McQ is a small agile business; you will find us spearheading the art of sensor and communications systems, providing solutions for difficult remote monitoring and surveillance applications. McQ products are not only tough enough to be used by the U.S. military, they are also practical enough to be used for everyday surveillance needs across various industries such as gas and oil pipelines and wells, construction sites, power grids and critical infrastructure assets.

McQ has the leading minds, resources, and engineering tools to quickly and fully develop technology and surveillance products and successfully bring them to market for protecting assets anywhere in the world with zero infrastructures.

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McQ Inc.’s vWatch® Video Compression Module provides a capability to set up a live video application through IP networks.

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The McQ CONNECT®, an Iridium® satellite enabled modem, provides a small battery powered unit that can be easily deployed anywhere in the world

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