McQ CONNECT® Is Providing Important New Communications Capabilities

McQ Inc. has launched a new, truly global information networking product, McQ CONNECT®, which will operate using the Iridium Certus® service. The McQ CONNECT is a small satcom modem that can send and receive information in real-time over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The new device was developed using the latest in a line of Iridium core technology transceivers, the Iridium Certus™ 9770. For applications that require sending video on the move, McQ vWatch®, can be added to the solution. vWatch is a video compression management solution that can be added to any radio for sending high quality video at a fixed location or on the move. McQ was selected by Iridium as one of the first Value Added Manufacturing (VAM) partners to create a new solution based on the Iridium Certus 9770. The McQ CONNECT is ruggedized to IP 67 standards and comes with a small omni directional antenna that enables easy operation for static or mobile applications. This means you can instantly feed information from your remote application via a secure cloud network and send command and control data to an application anywhere in the world. Iridium’s low earth orbit satellites provide total global coverage, enabling the McQ CONNECT modem to send files of any size using many messaging protocols including application data, pictures, safety alerts, security alerts, email messages, system monitoring data, and application command and control. The device also supports voice services and can connect to computers, servers, tablets and smartphones, enabling additional applications. This new global information product can provide a very affordable solution to connect your remote system applications to your user interface.

After the launch of the product in the Fall of 2021, McQ has received interest from a wide variety of customers around the world. The McQ CONNECT product is being acquired for use on unmanned marine craft that can provide long term surveillance. Both U.S. and foreign customers have are purchasing the McQ CONNECT small battery powered satellite modem to track the vessel, command and control the operation and receive data collected by the platform. These platforms can also send ive video and imagery from the craftMcQ is also supplying the McQ Connect for private aircraft operators for aircraft data and for customer communications while they are on board the aircraft. McQ is supplying fishery boat operators with McQ Connect that provides emergency safety communications, boat location and tracking information, as well as communications for the crew to coordinate operations. All of these use cases provide access to users in applications where there are difficulties in using other reliable communications to monitor activities in remote areas.