McQ CJADC2 Global Command and Control with Iridium and AGIS Inc.

This year, DoD mandated the adoption of a “Combined All Domain Command and Control Communications (CJADC2)” messaging transformation that will provide compatible Battle Management messaging across all the military services, and with U.S. NATO Partners, INDOPAC Quad Partners, and additional Partners through mutual agreements. McQ Inc. teamed with Iridium Satellite Communications Company and with Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS), a company providing Command and Control to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to demonstrate the use of new CJADC2 technology. Together, these companies can meet the new DoD mandated Command and Control technology requirements. This very important “Digital Transformation” will quickly grow complex and resilient Command and Control across all domains that function in contested environments. “CJADC2 transcends any single capability, platform or system to accelerate implementation of needed technology advancement and doctrinal change in the way the Joint Force conducts Command and Control.” The aim is to link sensor data to distributed Command and Control Centers so that “Shooters” can take quick action against a target. McQ Inc. is a Defense Contractor providing very advanced technology surveillance and security systems to all of the DoD military services, to DHS Agencies, to DOE to DoI, and to numerous International countries and commercial customers. McQ’s advanced sensor systems provide significant situation awareness target detection data in forward battlespace areas which needs to be instantly relayed simultaneously to the distributed All Domain centers for target engagement. The McQ-Iridium-AGIS Team conducted a demonstration using advanced McQ sensor systems to detect target activity at 10 separate sites around the world; sending the data instantaneously over the global earth coverage Iridium Communication Constellation, integrating all of this activity data on a military Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) server at McQ, and relaying the target sensor data and images to the AGIS Command and Control System. The following video link shows this CJADC2 Command and Control technology implementation. This Digital Transformation demonstration utilized existing global satellite communications, cloud server capabilities, and user Command and Control display technologies to demonstrate that the new DoD mandated CJADC2 requirements can be quickly implemented. The McQ-Iridium-AGIS Team welcomes the opportunity to provide more detailed technology information on our capabilities to expand and implement this CJADC2 technology on a much broader basis for our military and Partner nation customers. The demonstration provides factual evidence that CJADC2 requirements can be implemented in the near term. Our Team can support the important current efforts moving this technology forward across many U.S. and Partner country entities as the transformation progresses. Take a look