Tough Sensors for an Insensitive Planet


Total Solutions. Proven Performance.

Where will you find McQ? As a small business you will find us pushing the state of the art in sensor technology, providing solutions to difficult remote monitoring and surveillance applications or perhaps on a remote battlefield or border automatically detecting and reporting aircraft, vehicle, or personnel activity.

Our experience and technical expertise have pushed the state of the art for low powered remote sensors that provide very high end signal processing and network based communications architectures.

We've also advanced sensor technology with custom solutions for a variety of government clients -- achieving breakthroughs in digital imaging systems and acoustic, seismic, thermal, and magnetic sensor processing.

McQ has the experience, facilities, and engineering tools to quickly mature technology products and bring them successfully to market.

Technical Attributes
Very low power sensors that provide long endurance operations with small battery supplies
An advanced digital architecture designed around a modular approach for working with different sensors and providing a flexible set of features
Integrated communications that allow digital wireless RF comms from each sensor interfaced into a variety of network architectures to relay critical data to a final destination for analysis and alarm readout
Advanced digital sensor processing combining algorithmic, time/frequency domain transforms, and decision logic to make informed decisions based on signal features
Mechanical designs that permit air dropping sensors with or without parachutes
Advanced image processing and data fusion with multi spectral sensors providing computer driven Situation Awareness

R&D at A Glance
McQ offers a complete 'concept to product' capability. Our in-house laboratory includes:
  • A comprehensive complement of electronic and RF test equipment
  • Environmental test chambers
  • A tower for antenna and weather sensor development
  • Seven acres of outdoor test areas

    McQ manufactures system prototypes and market products. McQ's expertise in this area covers a wide range of capabilities:
  • Fabricates subsystem units and integrates developmental systems
  • Assembles units and tests McQ product conformance
  • Provides production, engineering, installation and maintenance
  • Provides total support for our products

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